Last Summer I bought a cream and green coloured skirt that was a success for me. I love dark green but it’s a hard colour to find in Summer.

I kept thinking it would make a nice teal skirt too. It’s cotton and would dye easily. So, when I saw it on clearance at the end of Summer, I ended up buying another one with the intention of dyeing it. (I didn’t want to dye the original because I like the lighter colour for high summer, and I also knew that there was a risk I could ruin it.)

Anyhow, as I’ve mentioned a few times, when dyeing a coloured item you need to take account of how the original colour or colours affect the final result. My skirt was a cream (yellowish) and green, so I dyed it blue in the hopes that I would get a greenish teal. (Yellow + blue = green. Green + blue = teal.)

This is the result. I’m very happy with it. It will be a good Spring/Autumn alternative to the original Summer version. (Keep in mind that this is just an everyday, knockabout skirt, which I will wear for walking the dog and other very casual stuff.)

Pics 2-4: how I wore it today to walk my dog and go for coffee. (I had already dyed the top dark green to go with the other version of the skirt. Now it goes with both.)

Pics 5-7: with some of my other DIYed tees. I will wear all these combinations. (Team pattern mix.)

Pic 8: with a tee I dyed at the same time as the skirt. Seemed like a good idea because you end up with a top that matches the skirt. AKA: a dress. But it shows how blue the dye mix was. Solid blue, especially pale blue, is really not my colour. I will probably tie dye it or over dye it to a more green colour at a later stage.

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