I've been enjoying LJP's monthly wrap up posts and can see how a monthly or even a quarterly review might be useful. So I'm taking a leaf from her book! Thanks, Lisa!

I've been tracking wears in Finds since the start of December. It's clunkier than a spreadsheet, I guess -- but since I have most of my clothes in Finds and would have to create a spreadsheet from scratch, I decided to go this route, and it turns out I like seeing it all in a visual form. I have a separate collection for the gear/ loungewear I'm wearing.

At the end of winter, I'll take a closer look at the items in my wardrobe that I didn't wear and ask myself if those need to be edited out. At a quick glance, the winter items I'm not wearing are too dressy for my current lifestyle -- occasion wear, some of my blazers (since I'm working from home this winter) and my dressiest coat, along with a few pairs of dressier booties.

I made 3 purchases so far this year (in Finds -- Aritzia top and cargoes and Boden shirt). The white shirt hasn't come into rotation yet but the other items have. I'll start wearing the shirt in spring.

March is likely to be a big shopping month. I'm travelling to the US for a conference for my first time since Covid and aim to shop til I drop! (Yeah, yeah, I'll attend the conference, too.)

I'm debating what to buy for spring/ summer. Taking a cue from Tanya, I did come up with a seasonal twist on my Laid-back Luminous Garçonne persona in response to the current trends as reported for the spring collections: LBLG does off-kilter utility pretty.

Off-kilter: responding to the trends of asymmetry, which I love, and pattern mixing.

Utility: cargos, pockets, denim. This is easy since it fits my lifestyle, especially in spring/ summer.

Pretty: peplums, drop waist skirts and dresses, mid-axi skirts, bright blue, lace, fuchsia, lavender, florals.

Silver and other metallics are also a big trend but those are represented already in the luminous.

I've ordered a couple of items — a midi coat in blue (a HEWI), which although it is a winter item and won't get worn much this year if I keep it, was on excellent sale and will prove a workhorse if it fits well. This is the coat Angie also owns. It was not available in Canada but I can pick it up in the US.

Also, this J. Crew garçon shirt which Angie alerted me to and which, well, I pretty much have to have, right?

In addition, I'm considering this light green midi linen cargo skirt, which matches a jacket I bought last year and would give me a casual "suit." My hesitation is, well...linen. How wrinkly is this thing going to get? If it were cotton linen blend I'd have ordered it in a snap. The price is more than reasonable, though, so it might be worth a try. (I already own the jacket -- just showing so you can see.)

All thoughts and ideas welcome!