In past years, I've had the most luck with jackets and outerwear at NAS and this year was no exception.

There were a number of other items that I liked and that fit well, but I couldn't go overboard. So I ended up returning a bunch of stuff but I am really happy with the things that made the final cut.

First, the jackets- I kept the black and red windowpane ruched sleeve and the VB plaid blazer. Although hubs didn't love the plaid, it really appealed to me and I was thrilled with the quality and the fit. I decided I would regret it if I let it go, even though it meant giving up several pieces to make it fit my budget.

With coats, I kept the Bernardo leopard pattern. I love that it's a simple style and I'm thrilled to have another patterned coat. In my climate, it will serve as a warm coat. As a lightweight option, which works for several months here, the black and white zebra pattern is a winner. To this one, hubs said, 'now that's a Susie coat!'

In footwear, I kept the Piko studded boots in black. The rest of my recent shoe purchases are included in finds, though not part of NAS. The red loafers are Jeffrey Campbell from Nordstrom. The mustard and the black are from Anthro, purchased during one of their 20% off sales.

The jeans I got also weren't part of the sale but these flares from Rag & Bone worked better for me than a couple of others that I tried. I rarely wear jeans to work any more so one new pair should be enough. I got just one sweater this year which was on sale but not NAS. I've been wanting to add more red lately and this EF silk blend is soft and a nice weight. And it's reversible!

I generally don't buy jewelry during NAS but this year I got the fun Kendra Scott ear crawlers in silver. They work really well worn in my 2nd hole, otherwise they wouldn't lay right. I also got a silver necklace from KS which was also on sale though not part of NAS. I've already worn it several times as it's a nice "third piece" while it's hot.

All in all, I am quite pleased with these new additions to my wardrobe. Now if only fall weather would be here soon!