This concept has not been easy for me to grasp. But I'm beginning to grasp why my wardrobe was overflowing: most things in it are statements. So my essentials are what let my statement tunics and shoes and occasionally jackets shine.
Winter: Tops:
Black 3/4 sleeve layering T
Thin black merino 3/4 sleeve layering T
Black long-sleeved layering T
Black/shadow striped long-sleeved layering T
1 black, 1 grey 3/4 sleeved merino layering T
Black turtlenecked skivvy for under statement jumpers
Black polo necked merino
Pale green scoop necked merino
1 black, 1 grey merino/acrylic pinafore
Plain black and black lace leggings, worn layered together, lace on top.
Black leatherette trim ponte skinny pants
Black leather patch ponte skinny pants
Thicker skinny pants, almost fleecy but tailored/structured: 1 navy, 1 olive, 1 charcoal
Black/tan leggings
Dark straight jeans
Jackets/coats: Plain black soft jacket, slightly cropped
Black and white tweed swing cropped coat
All year: Neutral handbag, currently tan.
Gold watch
Gold wedding ring
Fine gold diamond stud earrings
Silver stud earrings, plain or sparkly
Summer: Tops: thin shortsleeved mesh layering Ts, 1 black 1 white.
Plain white singlet
Grey singlet with swirly pattern
Gold singlet?
White peasant top
Black long singlet, more dressy
Long black evening pants
Black Capri pants
White Capri pants
Soft black cropped pants
White drape cardigan
Black shrug cardigan
Black tuxedo jacket
Shoes, both seasons:
Black Skechers for walking
Flat black booties
New pale black walking sandals
Black high heeled T-bar pointy toed pumps
Beige low heeled pumps.

Hmmm, nearly all my tunics and shoes are statements plus most of my jackets... This may be an issue. Maybe why I prefer to dress in outfits rather than capsules and need a bigger variety?