This is ahem, a little late, but I wanted to put it down for myself for posterity. In 2014 I joined YLF and majorly overhauled my wardrobe, bought a ton of things, but also started tracking wears and costs in Excel to try to get below personal goal of $1 cost per wear at the end of 2014:

In 2015 I discovered:

-I bought a lot less, 15 pieces over the year which all went into fairly heavy rotation.
-I kept editing my wardrobe bit by bit, mostly legacy items or tees bought very early in 2014 before I'd figured out a style direction.
-Because I bought much less, while I spent a little more per item, I was able to keep a budget goal of under half of what I spent in 2014 (actually about 1/4.)
-I focused more on adding toppers and pants which got high wear. In 2014 I went overboard on tops, leggings, tights, scarves and skirts, so I didn't buy any of the last 4 categories and culled more tops than I bought.
-I wore less of my overall closet regularly, the new 2015 clothes got some of the heaviest wear, and I wore less skirts/dresses and their accompaniments, and more sweaters, boots/oxfords, coats/jackets and jeans. I think this was mainly due to weather and activities.
-I didn't focus on decreasing CPW as heavily as I did in 2014 with a flood of new clothes, but I did generally aim to get individual items and categories under $.50 CPW. It's a work in progress, but gave me a ballpark price range. I take the average wears of any type of item over the two years totalled, and I felt confident buying at that number x 1$.
-I kept track of high happiness outfits and with a limited palette and narrow group of silhouettes in my closet it was pretty easy to create them.

Goals for 2016:

-booties in other colors besides black since they are a constant year round, I also have one pair of sandals (black gladiators) and could use a light or bright pair in a current style. Shoes really have to be comfortable though to get worn much, maybe a bright sneaker?
-replace a white sweater or two, get a longer white belt (I gained weight), maybe replace b/w leather sneakers.
-fun bags still get tons of wear, my preferred shapes are backpacks, clutches, and very light cross-bodies.
-try to stick with the 2015 'maintenance' budget and keep purchases in balance with culls so the closet size doesn't grow.
-don't buy more stuff in the categories with low average wears last year

My purchases for last year are pictured, and below are the numbers if on the off chance you are a geek about this like me.

If you actually made it through this, how did you find your purchasing or wear patterns changed from year to year? How do you anticipate this year looking different or the same?