I have a largish collection of these kinds of florals, since they appeal to me and tend to have staying power in my wardrobe. I don’t really plan on buying more this year, but one never knows!

I did recently get this Allsaints blouse. I fell in love with it in the photos but it was sold out in anything close to my size, except for one weird retailer overseas that had a US10, which is still big on top for this kind of top for me, but at least hopefully close enough to be altered to work. Plus it was a fraction of the price on Nordstrom. So I checked the legitimacy of the site and ordered the top. I had it altered to take in the sides a bit but it’s still quite roomy. I haven’t decided yet whether to just go with it or take it back for another round of alterations. I’ll take pics later. Funny what I will go through sometimes when I really, really love a print! I sometimes need to muster up some enthusiasm for solid color items, they can often feel very basic.