I am looking forward to a Labor Day Cookout and want your ideas and suggestions please. I am going to make some remarks as I cannot post pics. But will be able to show finds.
I will be going with my DS and DDIL. Host and hostess about same age as they are, and so are most other guests. Then there will be parents of most of them , which are heading toward my age group. Unless some unknown person comes out of nowhere (that will not happen) I will be most senior person in group. The hostess loves and knows clothes, and will be neatest person there. A beautiful person inside and out. All the women there will be dressed in nice casual clothes. I have known these people for a good many years, and they each have their own style of dressing, as it should be.
I have been a redhead for many years, at least as long as I have known them and years before except for my son. During pandemic I have reverted to my now natural hair color. I had black hair about first 35 to 40 years of my life. My now natural is salt and pepper, and I am trying very hard to dress with that in mind.
I feel best when I am wearing something new or almost new. The only thing I have in mind is a new pair of jeans from NAS sale, and I know several of you have them also
I have two new white linen tops I have worn this summer, still like new, but MAYBE rather not wear, one reason, wanting slightly more fall and/or holiday look ( white would fit holiday look, of course) but we will probably be seated outside informally, and have to balance food. I am afraid of dropping something on a white top would be too noticeable. (Yes, I am an overthinker) I have the navy jeans, light and dark wash jeans, well worn, white jeans, pink pants, and STUFF to wear with them.
I have navy tops, white tops, etc. Going to stop. I have shoes and bags, and if I have to buy any one item I would be ok with that, but would want to order from Nordies by tomorrow. I do have something to return to Talbots in the same city where party is and could probably get something there. Absolutely no other shopping and /or time available to me currently.
To be very concise, from info I have given what would you suggest I wear, or perhaps some of you could say what you would like for your mother to wear if she were in my place? Love all of you.