I got super excited when Beth Ann posted about this Ellen Tracy coat last week, because I had tried it last year Nd liked the fit but not the colors. And now it reappeared in my favorite color!!!! Anyway, I ordered it immediately and it arrived today.

Not styled although I am wearing it over a blazer with shoulder pads just to see if it would fit. I can fit as many layers as I could possibly want under there, as it turns out...

Which leads me to a question. Is it too big? It's already a size smaller than all of my other coats. As I mentioned, it's very roomy. The collar is big. Too big? It can be buttoned up higher but I would never wear it that way so it's this big spread collar or nothing. Sleeves are a little long but I prefer them long rather than short. They are also quite wide, which is deliberate but do they look ok?

On the other hand I have several other more fitted coats already so maybe it's nice to have a more oversized one for a change?

Anyway I think it comes in petite, so I could try that. What do you think?

Updated 10.16.15: the petite arrived today! As an aside this is the fastest
I've ever gotten a nordies' package! Anyway, pic #5 with the jeans is the petite. I'm absolutely not keeping it. The arms are TOO SHORT. I know some people will think they look fine but they are majorly triggering my poison eye (a lot of it is feel, too). It's particularly bad if I raise my arms. Plus the body is shorter and I much prefer the longer length and more flared look of the regular.

I'm still undecided about whether the regular is too big though. I'll post better pics with a real camera and timer and better lighting this weekend.

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