Yes to pink in the larger size. No one is staring at the back of your foot! They are Dorothy in the best way and I love how you styled them with the dark dresses.

What Shevia said. Pink in the larger size. You will not want to wear shoes that pinch no matter how cute.

Another vote for the sparkles! Way more fun than the (also very pretty) brown.

Love these on you! Larger size for you.

I love them best styled with the pants in nr 5 -prefferable with nude hose for a lower contrast- Gorgeous girly shoes!:-)

These are so cute on you! I love #2 and #5 the best but they all work to me. I hope you can get the plaid pants to work because that outfit is so great, very casual glam.

If you like the sparkly ones, keep them. They're FUN, and I like them with pants because it's just a peek-a-boo effect that makes me smile!

Oh pink! I love these on you. #2 is a gorgeous outfit. I would experiment with some inserts to finesse the size. Such a fun wild card!