Jumping on the sassy sneakers bandwagon! Thought I'd try a pair of wedge sneakers. I ordered three pairs from Zappos. I think the first grey pair is best suited to my style, because I already wear Converse and this is just a sassier looking wedge version of that style. I also like the "hidden" snakeskin pattern that you can't see unless you're close up. And the row of studs in the back is UWP-ish without going overboard.

The other two pairs are fun looking, but I don't think they're really "me". The black pair has sharp poky studs on the back and is a little too aggressive looking. The silver one is too shiny and I know I would never hear the end of teasing from DH if I wore those. And they're a little too high of a heel. I could see many other forum members rocking the black or silver pair, but not me.

So really, the K/R is for the first pair. I think it's a little bit of a stretch from my current style, but still not a total disconnect. What do you think? Thanks for your comments! (Oh, and excuse the too-high socks and lack of full length shots--I was in my pajamas already).

1-6. The name of the shoe cracks me up--Skechers Daddy's Money--Gimme Mucho Dinero. It comes with an extra set of shinier laces. The only thing that gave me pause was that the shoes look dirty/scuffed...at first I was worried they had sent me a used pair, but all the tags are on and I realize that the shoe is "pre-distressed". For someone who has zero RATE tendencies, that is really funny!
7-9. Skechers SKCH Plus 3-Staked in black. I could see Una or Anna or other UWPs wearing this, but it's a little too much for me.
10-11. Zigi Sportie-Lux Silver. Wanted to copy Tanya with her silver wedge sneakers, but these are just too shiny and moon boot-ish for me to pull off.

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