I’ve been on the lookout for a pair of *any shade of brown* tall boots this fall, as well as a midi skirt. The combination of the two is a silhouette I’ve really been drawn to this season.

Of all the skirts and boots I’ve tried out so far, these three are under serious consideration.

The boots fit right and are comfortable. I know this shade of cognac to be versatile for me, as I already own a pair of short booties in it. It’s early in the morning here, and they’re snug, so will try again later as feet can swell up a bit during the day. But fingers crossed.

The skirt I ordered after some frustration with not finding any midi skirts I liked, that fit, in my usual color palette. As you may know, I keep a pretty tight palette for maximum versatility (with my limited color mixing skills & appetite). Yet I ventured out to try these two in trendy earth tones. To my surprise, I like both!

The plain one is a cheap viscose mix and looks quite casual, yet I like the drape and swoosh. I’m not expecting it to live long and prosper (though you never know), but I’m liking the silhouette with the boots, and the color palette with my burgundy sweater in the mix! Am I wrong here or do these shades work together?

I really like the animal print one too: the outer layer is longer than the underskirt and slightly transparent, and I’m loving the effect. Just not sure whether I can confidently remix this one: neither of the three colors in the skirt are my best, yet I would need a matching top near my face. Maybe a black sweater with a silver necklace to compensate? I had kind of hoped the beige stripe would be blush, but it isn’t. Hmm, I’m torn yet feel this would be a useful piece for my casual holiday season ahead (as well as work appropriate).

What do you think? Keep all three or be more critical? Are these earth tones on my bottom half flattering enough?

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