The holidays are a dangerous shopping time, as whenever I'm buying gifts for others I'm tempted to pick something up for myself as well! And the sales also wreak havoc with my willpower. I ordered two necklaces from J Crew during their sale (when I bought the peacoat) and bought two handbags from DSW (got sucked in by a free $10 credit). The necklaces are a bit bigger and more "statementy" than I thought...are they too overwhelming on me? And are the bags worth it?

Anyhow, what do you think of these? I don't "need" any of these really, so if you don't like them they are easily returned. Oh, and these pics are not styled in any way. I know the outfit doesn't match the accessories but I was too lazy to change. It's mainly so you can get a sense of scale on me. I included sale prices paid, in case that alters your opinion.

1-4. J Crew Pearl twisted hammock necklace $73.50 (normally $98)
I don't have any real pearls and I thought a single strand would be too conservative. I liked having the multiple sizes of beads and the layered effect, but is it too much?

5-8. J Crew bubble necklace in black $90 (normally $150)
I bought this after seeing it on Jessica Quirk when I copied her. Wow, it is a lot bigger and hangs lower than I thought. I think I might be able to hook the chain shorter though. This necklace looks so good on the bloggers, but I am not sure if I can pull it off.

9-12. DSW Melie Bianco Colorblock wing tote $53
Initially I thought the colors would be really versatile with the red, black, brown and taupe matching a lot of my outfits. Now I'm not sure how easily it can be carried--it's not very slouchy so it might be hard to carry on my shoulder. And I'm much more into burgundy than red this fall so its use might be limited.

13-14. Another option would be this Betsey Johnson burgundy quilted heart satchel ( which is the same price ($59), and would match all my burgundy outfits and my Aquatalia boots and would hold more than my impractical clutch so it would be a better day bag. But not sure if it is too cutesy with the hearts or too redundant since I already have the burgundy clutch. Right now I'm leaning toward exchanging the colorblock tote for the burgundy satchel though.

15-18. DSW Urban Expressions quilted studded black clutch $26
(couldn't find a link on the website)
I like this one better than the colorblock tote, and it is a little more UWP which is the direction I want to explore. I don't have a plain black dressy clutch, but don't know if this is dressy enough for evenings? It is a little wider than my burgundy clutch so at least it will hold more.

19-20. But I do also have a similar black quilted studded satchel on the way that I ordered at ASOS based on Inge's recommendation, so I'm wondering if this clutch will be too redundant.

Thanks for your help and advice!

ETA: Styled pics added--does this change your opinion?

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