Hello fabbers!

I think I am returning the skirt. I know. Crazy way to start a K/R, right?

#1. I can use the money to better build my wardrobe in the tunic/legging/drapey thingy direction.
#2. After having absorbed the info and advice in this thread, I think it will be altogether too tricky to get the proportions right on this length (and flouncy skirt) style. However. I may be wrong.
#3. The skirt sits verrrrry close to the skin. Slip shorts would show, I think. Anything constricting is out of the question. (This is my casual capsule, after all--the stuff I change into when I get home from work)
#4. The shoe situation is a nightmare.
#5. I like it--but it feels a bit corporate. Dressed down, I am not sure it doesn't do anything more for me than the tunics do (and maybe less?)


I want to talk about my favourite subject, of course--proportion!

I present three different tops with it--all recent purchases.

The red is tucked in. sigh, yes, I tried it. How is it working on me?
I don't think there's much of a 1/3's 2/3ds thing going on here at all--it looks more like 1/2 and 1/2. What do you think?

(Incidentally, something about the shoulders seems "off" to me with this shirt/blouse. Am I imagining it? What do you think?)

Is it just me--or are the lengths of the to grey sweaters different--or the same?
Is the colour throwing me?

Which do you prefer--light grey or the dark? Why? Are they long enough to do the 2/3rds proportion thing? Or are they a titch too short?

FYI--the light grey sweater is too big. Look at those sleeves! I cannot abide long floppy sleeves.

Bonus question: which of the two greys looks better on me, do you think?

And finally--the new Land's end sweater came! A wonderful Inge pick. This is probably the most likely top length I would try to wear with it--or not? Let me know.

I am sorry I had to all but blow out these pictures in order for details and silhouette to show. I really need better lighting for these.

Thanks ladies!

Oh--and you can help me decide whether to keep the first red shirt and the light grey sweater. I am keeping the LE plum and the dark grey jersey knit (#3.)--UNLESS of course, you think they look awful on me. I trust you'll tell me, if they do.

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