Ok which silver sandal do you think I should keep? Have bought both but I think I can only justify keeping one. I already have the Munro Abby in black and bronze (14) and they are super comfy sandals. Trying to decide between a third Abby pair in silver, or the Paul Green metallic Cayanne sandals that Angie posted about. When I tried them both on at the store, people were commenting how great the Cayannes looked on me and that they looked more special than the Abbys. The Cayannes are surprisingly relatively comfy for 3 inch heels. But the Abby are only 2.5 inch and even more comfy. The Abbys are all day on call at the hospital (lots and lots of walking) heels whereas the Cayannes might be more of an all day at the office/doing procedures (lots of standing and short distance walking) pair. Pro for the Cayanne is that it has a zipper whereas the Abby has a Velcro closure (which may eventually wear out). And I think it looks a little edgier. But the negative is that my ankles are so skinny that there is a bit of a gap/flowerpot effect. Pic 12 was with my usual size 7.5 which was too big around my ankles, so I sized down to a 7 (funnily though I had to size up 1/2 size to an 8 in the Abbys). Even with the smaller size Cayannes there's a bit of a gap, more so on the right (see 11). And it's more expensive than the Abby, although I used a Nordstrom note to bring the price down. Oh and I tried the Cayannes with a bronze/gold toned outfit and it didn't seem to work as well as the bronze Abbys, so it really is more of a silver toned sandal. Which one do you think looks better on me? Thanks for your help!

ETA: added more pics of the Paul Green styled (18/19) and comparison of Paul Greens and Josef Siebels. Actually it's no comparison. The heel height is lower on the JS but is actually less padded/comfy feeling and the toe box is narrower. Also unlike the PG's, the strips on the JS are not attached to each other so they do this weird skin-revealing thing when I put them on. All I could think of was "mummy shoes". Worth a try, but back to Zappos they go!

So, I decided to keep the Cayannes. I love the style and they way they look. They're a lot more edgy than the Abbys. And compared to the Josef Seibels they are actually more comfy. In fact one of the other doctors in my practice has a pair of Cayannes too, I just found out. But I'm keeping the silver Abbys too, at least for now. If I don't reach for them in the next few months I'll return, but I'm pretty sure I can use them for days when I'm going to be doing a lot of walking either for work or MOTG. As for those who think three pairs of one shoe is too much, you would be appalled at my shoe closet. I have five pairs of Okalas, and routinely have two to three pairs of each shoe in different colors! When I find something that works I stick with it!

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