Thank you for the response on my other thread yesterday about nude heels. I've learned a lot from what you've said.

SHORT VERSION: The K/R is only for the patent pumps. I'm comparing them to two pairs of similar shoes I already own. I'm not keeping both, only one or none. Which ones do you prefer, if any?

LONG VERSION: Now I have a new challenge for you. Consider yourself warned: This is a long, pic heavy post, with quite a few questions. Feel free to skip down to the pics, but I will adore you forever if you pour yourself a cup of tea and help me figure out the issue of nude heels. If you prefer the quick route, I completely understand - time is precious.

Do I really need new nude shoes?
#1, Clockwise from top left: Nubuck pumps, platform, round toe in stone (old). Peeptoe pumps in snake pattern, mustard/brown (old). Patent pumps in beige/nude leather, Michael Kors (new/returnable, the expensive version). Patent pumps in blush/nude pleather, Bianco (new/returnable, the budget version).

#2: I have quite a number of light colored shoes in various styles: Flat sandals, cork wedges, snakeskin flats, suede booties, blush pink loafers (same color as the Bianco pumps) and the two pairs of pumps. Something has to go!

I don't like my nubuck shoes very much, and often pick another shoe instead. I need some kind of light closed toe heels in my wardrobe, though, so they are not tossed yet.

Are they comfortable?
#3 Heel heights are around 3 -3 1/2". They are all walkable, but the Bianco (pink) shoes are slightly higher than what I prefer. They are also probably a little tight above my toes, but roomy in the toe box. The MK shoes are very comfortable, but I'd prefer a slightly less pointy toe visually. The nubuck pumps are a smidgen too small, but ok. The snakeskin pumps are at least as comfortable as the MK's.

Do they match my skin tone? Please indicate which one you think is best for me.
#4 Clockwise from left: Beige Michael Kors pumps, blush/nude Bianco pumps, brown/mustard peep toes, and stone nubuck pumps.

#5 Michael Kors beige patent pointy toe pumps
#6 Bianco blush patent almond toe pumps
#7 Nubuck pumps in stone, old
#8 Snake skin peep toes in brown/mustard, old

Level of refinement - do they suit my lifestyle?
I think the patent pumps are more refined than the snake skin peep toes, which again are more refined than the nubuck pumps. Am I right?

I am mostly an educator, living in the suburbs, working in a pretty casual environment. I do give presentations and go to conferences occasionally which requires a more formal dress code, but I'm already covered for that. I don't mind being the most dressed up person in the room, but I need to be taken seriously. I commute by train and bus. Will very light patent pumps be workhorses or orphans in my wardrobe? I fear that they are too refined for my actual lifestyle, after all I'm not married to a prince (although I have a wonderful husband), or work in a typically corporate environment.

I much prefer to put my fashion money into the staples, essentials, and I'm not willing to pay very much for pieces that are worn less often. Or for trends.

Patent is pretty! The Michale Kors is very stylish, the grown up version. More seasonless than the Bianco shoe. The Bianco is half the price, but still a good shoe. I want a better shoe than the pumps I already have.

I have other shoes that can do the same job. I might be better off with something in suede. I could also look for something in metal or light grey instead. Besides, I'd love to add a more casual shoe to my S/S wardrobe, too, and need to be sure that my money are wisely spent.

Final questions:

1 Which color of the four (beige, blush, stone and mustard/brown) is my best neutral (i.e. should I focus on matching my skin or bookending my hair).
2 Which patent pump do you prefer for me? Or
3 should I look for something else instead? Metal, gray suede, lower heels etc.

I'm looking forward to read your opinions. Thank you for reading and for being really patient with me.

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