Thanks to Mo who posted about this Angie-recommended NAS skirt going to Rack prices!

I really liked this skirt, but even the NAS prices seemed too high for me and I didn't think it was practical to buy a pencil skirt while pregnant. But at Rack prices, I thought it was worth potentially breaking SYC for. I haven't bought any clothes for the last month or two because I am not sure I want to spend a bunch of money on maternity clothes that I'll never wear again once I'm done with this pregnancy. And buying regular clothes is quite tricky because I don't know what's going to fit me in the future. So that's my dilemma. I nabbed this skirt because it's so unique, I know I won't be able to find something similar once I'm back to my normal pre-preg weight (assuming I do manage to lose it all, which took me about a year both times). But I'm not sure if I buy it now, whether it will be too big for me once I return to pre-preg size.

This is a size 8. My normal size is size 6. I also bought a size 6--not shown because it is too tight for me now. I would just have to keep it and hope I'll fit into it later. If I keep the 8, I could probably wear it for the next few weeks, then I'll still have to put it away. I could probably start wearing it earlier postpartum, but the risk is if I go back down to my regular size, the size 8 could end up being too loose on me. On the other hand, the reviews said the skirt runs small, so the 8 could actually be the right size for me. It's so hard for me to judge/predict future sizing--which is why I've avoiding shopping lately!

I really do like the unique print. But I see what others of you who tried this on mean about the skirt having a tendency to twist--I don't know if it's the way I'm standing, but the lines do seem to get a bit crooked. Not sure if that is a dealbreaker.

Oh, the yellow blouse was the matching Rachel Roy blouse, but I'm unsure about keeping it--seems kind of meh to me. K/R?

I haven't thought about how to style this skirt yet, but also tried it on with a black turtleneck. I think it looks better with the shirt untucked and covering the belly--what do you think? And yes, I know the pencil skirt looks kind of crazy over the huge bump, but I don't know how else to judge the fit.

Should I keep the size 8, the size 6, or return both? Thanks for any input!

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