Jules, I think you've hit the nail on the head about these pants. Since I have a short torso, I often find tucking problematic, as not tucking makes it look like my waist is in a lower place. I also find tucking to be fussy, and to make me feel disheveled, because I have trouble doing it neatly (occasionally it works with things like pencil skirts). I also don't have a lot of cropped tops, which I know would be an option to show off the top of the pants too as they'd read as waist-length on me. So it may be that I'd have to treat these as leggings most of the time.

I do think they feel good on and are super comfortable. I like how they look. I mostly posted about them because light pants in general are a bit outside my style comfort zone, and I think I'd be too apt to dismiss them if left to my own devices.

I didn’t think the pants look like leggings at all in the pics. The pocket styling makes them look like skinny jeans to me. I have days when I feel like wearing skinnies with a shorter top, and I don’t see anything wrong with it.

Here are a bunch of trials. Last year I went all in on Blume and his tops in nets, as I felt attracted to Boho styles for the first time in my life. Now, as I am wont to do, I went to far in that direction and bought too many things. That will be partly the subject of another post I’m going to make. But the upshot is that I can wear these as leggings in the winter with a variety of long cardigans covering my rear.

I also tried with a couple of tunic length sweaters, and some long blouses. The other post will be about my long blouses.

As an additional note, I wore these pants for a while while trying these things on, and I didn’t notice too much loss of shape.

1-2 - cashmere tunic - I like

3-4 - Green tunic. I think the length is very good. I usually like more contrast in my outfits, so I will try these with tall black boots before deciding against or for.

5-10 - i’m not sure all these long cardigan look are equally successful, but the shows that I have a variety of options to play with

11, 15 & 16 - this is a new blouse that I am considering, that happened to come in around now. For some reason I don’t like it with these pants, but I might like them with other pants. Again, I will post about this

12-13 with longer blouses. I am on the fence about even keeping one of these blouses (both owned for a while)

14 - tucked in with a popover blouse.

Apologies as usual for my tiny New York bathroom and cracked mirror. All opinions and suggestions welcome.

When I decide I need something new to fill in my wardrobe, I tend to go overboard. This is why I am being so analytic here, as I’ve decided I need more pants color options but don’t want to buy something I won’t use just for the sake of having them.

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Christina -- I was literally just thinking about you. I was at the park and every single one of us was wearing black or grey full-length leggings. Then one woman walked up in medium-blue cropped leggings. She looked fabulous and I thought I must reach out to you when I got home.

Numbers 1,2 is my absolute favorite. I like numbers 3,4 as well. It is great that you have those long cozy cardigans too. I think they will serve you well.

Sterling, thanks so much. I guess everyone has leggings on the brain right now.

I do love my collection of cozy cardigans. I’ve decided to cull one of them, not shown here. Since I do tend to go overboard, I probably do have a few too many options, but they are very nice pieces that I want to keep. I also have a purple one that would look good too.

I agree that the sweater tunics are the best looks, which implies to me that I should keep a lookout for that kind of item. I do have a third sweater like that, but the colors are wrong for these pants, and it’s itchy enough that I might get rid of it at some point.

I like 1, 3, and of course 15, featuring that great top.

It doesn't matter what they're called, if they're thinner, stretchier fabric, they're almost always going to look more dressed to me with a longer top. And if the top is lightweight, a little longer than if it's a mid weight.

I love the color, not blue, not green, and not denim. Great choice for a non black winter option.