So, here are a couple more items from the sale I was at Friday night.
First question: Are these photos OK--or do we need better to evaluate--especially the drapey thingy? If so, just say so and I'll re-take and we won't waste any time or create any wrinkles trying to squint at the screen, OK?

Plaid Shirt:
This is a light weight poly cotton, good for layering under things--and with a white Tee underneath could be warm enough for winter. (Once we turn the heating on, of course. Now can be actually colder than December because we don't.)
The first question: I like the plaid, I know the colour suits, but is it my "style?" I know I am in the midst of creating one: I have two words, "polished and jazzy."

Second: is the cut Ok?

Third--the roll on the pants! Advice, please? I have no idea what I am doing.

Drapey Thing:
This is very odd. It has no buttons or closures. It just sits there. Kind of. I would likely have to figure something out, somehow. The sleeves and back are a different colour than the front. I think it is my "jazzy" style, for sure--the boots and pants make it polished. This time the main concern is--does it look OK? I really would like it onger--especially when viewed from the side--but what do you all think? Is it OK?

PS: sorry about the stateof that mirror.

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