Here we go! My turn in the lemming dress! Let me know what you think and whether I should keep it or not. Also K/R on the rest of my NAS haul as well. I actually ordered quite a bit online (two different sizes of everything, multiple colors etc.) and almost all of it went back. Very frustrating. I brought one huge box back and I could tell the SA was internally groaning (and she kept saying, "Wow you bought a lot of stuff!" to me) and I still have two or three more boxes to return. So these are the very few things that didn't make me look pregnant with my huge apple belly. Although even these you can still see the belly in the pics, but it may be the lighting as well. Trust me, these were the best of the lot. Thanks so much for looking and any comments/advice/styling tips!

Here are the items I am (potentially) left with:
1-16. Vince lemming dress. Size 8 (6 was way too tight around my belly). I actually liked this a lot especially the color and comfort. DH is definitely not a fan though. When I tried it on this morning and I asked "Do you like it?" he said. "No. Why are you wearing such a huge shirt and where are your pants?" He was kind of joking, but kind of not. (The last time this happened to me was in the '80's when I wore a baggy sweater dress to school in 7th grade and got teased for having no pants on...I was mortified). I think he doesn't understand the concept of a shirt dress and he thinks I look like a sack of potatoes in this. He said, "You need a belt or something because it's hanging straight down and just looking baggy." I don't know...I think belting it would just ruin the line of the dress and reveal the tummy I'm trying to hide. I'm inclined to keep it despite the negative reaction from DH. I capitulated on the faux fur jacket a few years ago and returned it because it was more of a date night only item, but I'm willing to go to the mat for this one if you think it looks good on me...kind of like the H&M floral pants. I still love them and wear them whenever I don't mind DH's ribbing me about the clown pants. I think this dress is versatile and would work for both work and MOTG. I'm showing it three ways...bare legged with bronze sandals for work (4-7 is styled with jewelry and handbag), with jeans and sneaker booties for MOTG (10-12), and with faux leather paneled leggings and peep toe booties for the date night that is not going to happen with this dress (14-16). LOL. All comments on this sack of potatoes dress welcome!

8-9. Munro Abby sandals in bronze. I have this in black suede and wear those all the time. They are super comfy. What do you think of the color of these with my skin? Should I duplicate the black with a metallic?

13. Timberland black booties. I ordered both the wheat and the black to try, but I think the black suits my coloring better (bookending my hair) and my clothing color palette, and I like the bronze coloring on the toes. They feel very comfy and I don't feel the wedge is too high, although I can tell my feet pronate more in these than in regular sneakers because the arch support is very soft. I don't really know what to wear these with other than the boyfriend jeans I have on...they look funny with full length jeans tucked in. I think these could be great casual shoes though.

17. Karen Kane asymmetrical wrap hem shirt. My white Pleione shirt is getting a little worn and pilled on the arms, so I thought I'd try to find a replacement simple white shirt.

18. Vince striped shirt. DD says I always dress too fancy (because I wear the same clothes for work and MOTG) so I'm looking for more truly casual tops to develop my casual MOTG wardrobe.

19-20. Vince textured zip sweater (the same one Angie bought). Not sure if this is too tomboyish for my style? I found myself wanting to stand with my legs apart in this one, unlike my usual pose with legs that a sign?

21-22. Vince colorblock shirt. Another casual shirt that doesn't cling too much to my belly.

I already posted these in other threads, but here are the rest of the items I bought at NAS, for the sake of completeness:
23. Vince chevron tank and Zella Inspire capris
24. Caslon polka dot shirt
25. Theory Jodi sweater that Angie has (I think I'm going to exchange for the larger size medium) and Bailey 44 tulle skirt (totally frivolous but I think I will keep, much to my kids' delight).

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