These pants caught my eye out doing some rare Brick and Mortar shopping while my car was undergoing surgery. l am warming to wider legs because they are so comfortable and de-emphasize some knee/calf issues. I need some dressy black pants.

DH said "aren't those a little blingy for you?" I replied "Do you even know me? After 35+ years, you don't know that I like subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) bling!" I admit the photos are making me re-think my purchase. I like the detail in side view, but not sure about the way the buttons droop on the front and back view. 1-2 show the waistband, and 3-5 are with tops I might wear it with.

If it is a keep, what would be good tops and shoes? And does one belt if there are no belt loops? These are 1.25" ancient but comfortable loafers, and I think ithe right height for PPL. The model wears them shorter with pumps - is that a better length?

For those interested in purchasing, the 2P (shown) almost exactly the same fit as the O Reg, except for length. They would not be easy to hem.


ETA I- really liked these, but the droopy buttons and slightly loose fit concerned me. I bought but returned Find #2 as it was cute but not dressy enough and I didn't need two pairs that were so similar.

As I was returning the original pair, I saw another 2P on the rack (a rare opportunity to try on petites in an actual B&M store) and it was was a better fit.

Now to fix the buttons. The Google is your friend.

I followed the instructions in this link, but instead of sewing to a ribbon, I discovered cotter pins and little metal button supports (at a local police uniform shop of all places), a bit different from the white plastic in pic #5 as mine are metal. I ended up using small safety pins instead of the cotter pins as they were a bit pokey. But now I could actually change out the buttons if I wanted to, and I think the improvement is huge.

Finally I searched for better shoes per Angie and smittie. I didn't want to buy a new pair, but found a pump from my late 90's corporate days with a horrible scuffed rubber heel, which I recovered with black glitter vinyl - pic #4. It will do in a pinch. I can't find embellished heel shoes in my wide width.

#1 is the original unsatisfactory pair. #2-3 is the new pair with supported buttons and my blinged up shoes and ridiculous but fun earrings. I think I could trim a bit off the earring fringe.

Still not entirely sure how to style this so would love comments and suggestions

And thanks so much YFL for all the help!!

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