You may have seen my lightweight pant saga here. I figured I'd add the options in my last comment to a new post that I wanted to do anyway. I have some unrelated k/r items to run by the community.I think neither of these pants options is right for my trip, but it's also a pain to find lightweight pants for work in the summer, too so I'm evaluating these two pairs for that instead of the trip. The other items are just wildcards for general summer wear.

NB: Three of these are dressing room photos, so not styled. I know that the lighting and framing for the fourth, the skirt, is terrible. I do the best I can in that small space and lack of light. I can try to style anything at home, but the resulting photos will just get taken in that crappy bathroom space, most likely. #NYCliving

1. AT cotton crops - these may be dressier than what I want for my trip (see other thread), but I like them and so may keep them from work. They are very lightweight, and I don't have non-jeans in this light blue, which I could style easily enough. I lean towards keeping these for work.

2. AT wide leg crops - I know these really need to be styled properly, and hemmed. But how do they look on me, fit-wise? ETA - already returned them. The fit was off.

3. Wildcard pink linen J Crew dress. If I keep this, the straps will need to be taken up a bit. I like this but want to make sure the shape (or lack thereof) and length look okay on me.

4. Wildcard Anthro skirt - I am crazy about this. I want to keep it as a wildcard but need to think carefully about pairing it with available tops. I am not really imaginative on this front, and I think most of the patterned tops I have wouldn't go, plus I'm not a pattern mix person. I've included some options in finds; I also happened to be wearing it with a turquoise Boden top (see find) that looked surprisingly okay. It's a very lightweight skirt, and some of my other tops would be a bit heavy to go with it.

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