Thanks for all the helpful feedback. I tried to play around with the dress, styling it using the suggestions here. Nothing I did felt quite right. I did like it better when I tried to shorten it a bit, but not enough to keep because I also noted that the fabric wrinkled too easily. I alternate between sitting and standing at work, and if something wrinkles, my backside is going to quickly look sloppy. I love the color, so I will keep my eyes alert for another option.

Glad that “ clarity” developed.

Sometimes for me it is immediately obvious and other times I have to let the clarity emerge - even though there is advice about , either you love it or you don’t, spit- spot. This is true for my wardrobe editing as well.

Sounds like a good decision. Onwards!!

GOOD idea to return! NEXT

It's disappointing when something is so almost right but now you're free to find something even better. The color was great and the volume might have been ok in a different material? Maybe something like the dress Ummlila included in her post? A softer fabric that would follow your shape more?

I’m glad you returned it, if you felt it wasn’t absolutely what you wanted and needed!

I thought the top half fit you beautifully, but you looked swamped from the natural waist, down. And strangely, that seam around the lower/waist hip really stood out in your photo, and barely shows in the stock photo, but I thought that seam made the dress look too large/long for your body.

So now you are wiser. Good job!