Honest opinions needed. I have wanted to upgrade my gear - it tends to be functional, unattractive and several sizes too big. I cross country ski a lot, and have been wearing schlubby, baggy pants for years.

I found a new-to-me very technical European brand of pants in a shop on a trip, but they didn't have my size or preferred color. I tracked them down and I love the function, the fact that the XS is almost the right length (with articulated knees and ankle zips, alteration is impossible) and the the calf to ankle is straight, not skinny. Love the navy color and I love star motifs.

But DH rolled his eyes a bit and told me they looked like something Evel Knievel would wear (reference photo attached). I told him that was what made them great. He then said he would get them for me for my birthday, so he doesn't hate them, but....

I am hoping they are fun and not too silly for a 50 year old mom to wear. The rear end stars would mostly not show as I don't tuck, and often wear a jacket. But I would know they were there and I would smile and ski faster. But not if people will be pointing and laughing at me, not with me.

I want it to fit my "Creative Mountain Cool" Moniker (which I haven't had time to work on since I got so many helpful suggestions) and my descriptors of Casual, Fun, Detailed, Sleek, Eclectic.

Bonus pics from my morning ski yesterday. I skied 15 miles - almost died but it was so gorgeous, and DH told me I couldn't come home until 11 because DD was skyping a college interview at the kitchen table. Way to Motivate.

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