My massive ASOS package arrived! (Sorry for the quality of the pictures - I cannot remember to dust the mirror until I'm in a time crunch.)

Last year I identified a need for summer shoes that were semi casual but work appropriate and went with just about everything. I got two pair: round-toe ankle strap shoes (pictures #1-2), and ballet flats with pink metallic toes (pictures #3-4).

I really really like pointy toes. With my full skirts, they look grown up instead of cutesy or little girl-ish. And it's important to me that even with neutral, basic shoes, they need to be fun.

First, rose gold sandals I'm definitely keeping. This is my favorite style of casual summer sandal. Amazingly, the straps on the vamp are snug on my low volume foot, so hopefully they'll be wearable for a long time as they stretch. I love the ankle strap detailing. I wish the sole had some padding, but I'm used to that for this style.

#7-9: Blush suede cloth closed toe
These aren't my favorites, though I'm not sure why. I think it's just not my favorite style. I'd prefer an actual d'orsay heel with a closed toe, maybe. Anyway, they work pretty well, although they feel loose in the toe. The sole is comfortable.

#10-12: Silver snakeskin pointy ballet flats
I'm going all in for rose gold, but I like silver as well. The fit on these is problematic; the first size (pics 10-11) looks good, but it's tight on my blunt toes. The next size up (pic 12) has length, but I'd need to add an inner sole. I do that with lots of shoes, but it gets old.

#13-16: White perforated pointy ballet flats
These are so pretty, and there was no sizing issue. They felt kind of loose all over, though. The sides gap a bit and the heel seems low. It slips off fairly easily. In #16 I tried to show how they looked just when standing. I really should only keep one pair, but these are so dainty and summery despite the questionable fit. And I could use white flats in addition to white heels.

#17-20: Blush metallic with silver vamp pointy flats
That silver bit? Actually a heart. Pushing the "cutesy" envelope? Or like a two-tone loafer? The fit is wonderful. No length issues, and the vamp all around is much higher and even curves in over my foot. I may need to develop a slight callus higher on my heel! These were almost the last pair I picked out, but they've been growing on me steadily.

Opinions? Comments? I would like to be reasonably on-trend, but something that's not too dated too quickly. These are not expensive shoes, but I have 8 year old Payless shoes still in rotation. If I like them and they're still fixable, I'll wear them.

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