Thumbs up all the way!

Those embroidered jeans look very nice on you. I like both tops but prefer the first one because the color is lighter and goes very nicely with your complexion.
I also got some embroidered jeans, the Kut that Angie recommended, and was also thinking that maybe I am too old for them but when I wear them they feel OK.

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The finds on my reply are the wrong ones and I cannot remove them when I try editing. Here is the right find.
Just to add, your jeans fit you very nicely and the price point is very good.

I really like the jeans on you and don't think they look too young at all. I think that the embroidered jeans trend can be worn by all ages.

I like the jeans with both tops.

Thank you, Bijou, Joyce, Shevia and Gigi for your encouraging and helpful comments. I am tempted to keep the first blouse as it will look good with jeans and I could use more long sleeved tops, as we have longer transitional seasons here. It is easy care and a different look and, as was pointed out, could be part of a festival outfit. Joyce, those Kut embroidered jeans tempted me as I love my Kut Catherine boyfriend white jeans, but, as you said, the Target pair are a great price and probably a bit higher rise. They feel equal with the quality of the Kuts.
Gigi, I'm glad that you think I can wear embroderied jeans with confidence. I really want some with a dragon motif. If I ever find jeans with dragons, I will need to snap them up....even better for festivals...a dragon lady. I may have to make some.

I actually prefer the first top. I like the straight hem over the shirt tail hem. I also feel the first one is less sweet. Just thought I’d throw my two-pence in there...

I'm with Bijou about loving that the young girl was coveting your jeans! Way to go!

Lovely looks. I think the jeans will look especially fab with tops (or toppers) that contain some pink or red to echo the embroidery. You look great in all the pictures. Not too young or boho. Just charming and fab. The light blouse is GORGEOUS with your personal colouring.

LOVE the jeans and both tops - they look FAB on you.

Late to this party but love both pieces and think they do you justice. I also think you are brilliant doing a trend piece this way in case it is very short lived- you will have not broken the budget. Smart cookie on style and methodology,

The embroidered jeans look great on you and I really like the tops you have shown. CO is the perfect place to wear the the boho look and they are perfect for festivals, too. I like the dark denim jacket with brightly colored top and the red one for the lighter tops in your wardrobe. I'm tempted to get a pair myself.

Beautiful! I’m glad you keep them. Now you can do the festivals in style.

I like the first outfit A LOT. Not too young, Joy. I do worry about the jeans sliding off you though. Do you need to size down?

(How cool are those shoes!!!)

Angie, the jeans are large in the waist, a rare occurrence for me) but a belt keeps them up.
Synne, thank you. I like the shoes too. I will wear them into the ground.
Christina, those pieces will see festival action.
Bonnie, you are so rigut. Lots of boho in CO. Someone needs to define the senior citizen boho look, boho without showing lots of skin.
Amy, efbgen, and Cat, thank you for the kind and helpful comments.
Jenni, I hope that girl ends up with some embroderied jeans of her own, but would need a much smaller size.
Rachylou, the Cat, Amy and Angie, thank you for your support of the first top. I think I will keep it and wear it with the jeans sometimes..

I love the jeans .Joy and I think they will be perfect for festivals! Fun and happy!!

I love these on you. Both tops are thumbs up. Great finds!

(Skipping the commetns i'll read after)

Embroided jeans: yes, yes! I can see you in them with a black tee and clack footwear for a cool effect.
First peasant blouse is utlra flattering. Yes. Will look FAB with white bottoms, elephant leg, wide leg or maxi skirt. Also, will look good with most denim.
Third piece (red floral short sleeves): I'm not sure. Weird elastic placement, harsh print design, not a boho vibe, more of a "presteen-almost-teen-mom-goes-apple-picking type of vibe.

I’m late to the party and you’ve probably made your decisions by now but had to say that I love the jeans for you! I got embroidered jeans last year and wondered about the age thing but who cares?! I’ve enjoyed them and it’s nice to have variety in jeans. And a Target price point makes yours all the more attractive.

Of the tops, I prefer the first one. You wear red really well but I still prefer the softness of the first one.

Then my sweet, Joy. You need a size down in the jeans.

When I read "embroidered jeans" in the title I had my doubts, but I really like them on you, Joy. I think you can totally pull them off, in my opinion.

Love the embroidered jeans a lot, and nr 1 is a great boho look, so keep!

Joy, I actually like the fit of the jeans on you--also agree with Smittie re: "too young" generally = too tight or too short.

Thanks for the link - and they come in short lengths! So tempting!

Angie, I wore these so cannot return, but will try a size down. There is room for a duplication in two sizes at this price. They did not stretch out on wearing.
Robin, they can easily be rolled up even shorter at the hem, although then the frayed hem is hidden. I am 5'3" and wearing the regular length here.
Hmmm, maybe if a smaller size is better, I should go with the short length for summer.
Susie, thank you for the wise words. Yes, variety in jeans is needed when I wear them so much (get a better fit than with trousers).
Krishnidoux, I will try your idea with black. It sounds attractive.

Joy, can a tailor take in the waist in the jeans? I usually have to do that with jeans. Stevie Nicks is still rocking the boho look and she is in her late 60s. (I have friends who fashion themselves after her.)

I suppose a tailor could fix the waist but I am very used to wearing a belt, so it does not bother me.