Hi all

I posted earlier in the week about a Cue chevron top that I tried on. I loved it but my shopping buddies weren't too keen on it. It was also too small. So I passed.

When I put it to the forum some people did not care for it, some liked it and most agreed that it was too small.

I decided to track down a larger size. Here it is.

Pic 1 shows how I envisaged I would wear it - with an A line skirt (with knee high boots when it gets cooler). Pic 2 is with a pencil skirt (with ankle boots when it gets cooler). Pic 3 is with my floral Moto jacket (for BrieN).

Because it is short and fitted, I can't envisage myself wearing it with jeans unless I get a high waist wide legged pair. That is not on the cards right now (but never say never). I have one pair of wide leg pants I could possibly wear it with but I don't wear those pants frequently (the skirts I do).

So, any further thoughts? Versatile enough? That's my main concern. I think it is big enough now. I feel inclined to keep it.

Plus PSA: the floral Moto jacket is now available on ASOS so I created another find in case anyone is interested.