No decision yet about the Marisa linen pants, but thank you all for your helpful thoughts. I guess I just need to sit down and make a list of places and I might actually wear lined linen to see if they make sense -- and get Angie's opinion on the length to make them if I do decide to keep.

A few more K/Rs.

Pics 1-2: First, the BR textured shell in the store.

The fit on this is a little snug on the bust (a novelty for me) but a size up will be too big. It did relax a tiny bit just during the try on-take-pictures. I like the neckline front and back.

My only question (one that I realize none of you can answer) is when I might have occasion to wear this top. If I worked in an office it would be a no-brainer. But with my lifestyle, I'm not so sure I will have much use for it. It feels too fitted and structured for everyday work-at-home wear. However, I did get it at an excellent price, so really, the question is, would I use it enough to justify even that minimal cost. Or would it simply clutter up the closet.

Pic 3: Second, a pair of BR seersucker shorts. These would be strictly for at-home summer wear. But I thought they would be a bit longer on me than they turned out to be. Are they completely age-inappropriate? I wouldn't really be wearing them farther than the park two blocks away. They are super comfortable and the fit is surprisingly nice...sort of easy tailored, if that makes sense.

Pics 4-5 A peplum from Loft. It is not as high quality, I suspect, as the one from J. Crew. But that one's on backorder. And I was so in love with K Can's look here that I had to copy. This feels like a keeper to me. Passes the item/outfit/ capsule test and I have ideas for when and how to wear it. I may order the J. Crew one, too.

Pic 6 Another Loft tee like the ones in the Marisa photos. Keeping this.

Pic 7 BR shirt with my VC cobalt skirt. The top works with lots of stuff and will be super cool.

Thank you for looking and for your thoughts on 1/2 and especially 3!

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