I really like the dress and the matching top worn both ways. I ordered the same dress, in a different color, hoping that I could wear it to a daytime summer wedding but if it's too casual for a preteen graduation, I guess it won't work for me either. Too bad, it looks fab on you!!

OMG! I LOVE the top that matches your pleated skirt. Would the combination of top and skirt (with belt) work for DD's event! It is very elegant looking.

FWIW - of all the things I've seen on the forum in the past year, your pleated skirt and top are the items I most covet. Unfortunately the retailer site (Esprit) states it does not do business in Canada.

I absolutely love everything here !
The colors are brilliant on you ...with the pop pop of white in your footwear...killer looks !
Excellent haul !

Oh, my. So much love for the matching set, I hope you are not pulling late April's fool joke on me  
I am team wear and wearing new blazer this morning. Angie, just realized that it is actually orange and the same color as our old Zara blazer. Just saying  
Top in #1 has a matching skirt. Also just saying
Leaning towards returning the dress. Will need your help to find something more suitable. 

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I love the blue and pink top and the orange blazer.
The top that matches the skirt is a bit underwhelming in my opinion. The pattern is pretty but the shape is so-so. But I see other people really like it- so it just goes to show, certain things really just come down to personal taste!!
The dress is so lovely but you need more razzle dazzle for a formal event for sure! But it would be nice to keep for casual and wear with a denim jacket :).
I was SO tempted to order the addlestone blazer in the light pink colour. The orange one is fabulous on you.

I"m with Angie and kkards. Love the two piece dress worn together, and apart. I want the blazer to be just a fraction looser across the front, but if you never wear it closed anyways, then that's a moot point. Agree with the others in that the dress might be a bit casual for such a fancy-sounding grad. A bougie event , as we like to say

Follow your gut, but all these look gorgeous on you to me!

I’m with Jussie on the matching top to the skirt. The skirt is beautiful but I think you can do so much better on top. However, if there’s one thing that I’ve learnt here it’s that pattern is very personal! I think you should trust your own preferences rather than let others (including me) persuade you to like it or not like it.

The dress and blazer look great.

Love the skirt that matches #1. Not sure if it’s for you, but it’s a great skirt.

+1 for the shirt/skirt combo!

#1 looks quite preppy the way it is styled. Maybe better as a set with the matching skirt, if you love it?
#2 dress appears quite casual, maybe not ideal for the chi-chi graduation!
#4 top + yellow pants, top + matching pleated skirt, and obi belt - ALL OF THIS IS PERFECT, any way you mix it up. I also see this set as ideal for daughter's event, if you add dressy shoes and accessories.
#7 blazer is yummy, and striking the way you have styled it as a column of color. Please don't be shy about wearing it this way! You have what it takes to stand out. But also great for mixing, of course!

I love the blue printed shirt(pls keep!) and the dress, too! You could always dress it up with heels or a jacket of sorts but is not a cocktail of course-pls keep it for work! Then I think the matching top is a bit overwhelming you-but could go well with some straight pants/pencil Or you could take in the sides and shorten the sleeves a bit if wanted to keep for the matching skirt set! The red blazer is fab!

fyi...i think a matchy matchy persimmon jacket and pants would be outstanding

Thank you all for your valuable feedback. I decided to listen to my feelings and return top in 1. I had a few chances to wear it last week but I never reached for it. So back it goes. I haven’t decided about dress yet but leaning to sending it back too.
Belt is here and I tried 2-pieces dress again with it but don’t think I will keep the belt either. Maybe cognac belt would be better choice? I also tried the top untucked and tucked in with the blazer. This blazer did not get any love when I did my spring summer blazer review and I have put it in a donate box, but does it work in this combination? Please ignore my bare feet, struggling with the shoes at the moment, still haven’t found any spring summer shoes that can fit my orthotics.
I may started a new thread on this since this will probably get buried in this old thread.

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The belt helps. I like #3. Do you?

Btw, I saw that Angie mentioned orthotics with adhesive backing in a different post. Could you get some made to attach to sandals? Even if your health insurance doesn’t pay for them, you might be able to pay for them.

I like it more with the blazer since it's streamlining (and such a happy color!). Is it comfortable with the loose sleeves though? I find loose short sleeves bunch under jackets and make me mad!

I’m late to this post but had to say I love his top/skirt combo! Such a great print and I like it all the ways you have tried it (fab with the pants too). Also keep the red blazer, gorgeous on you.

The top looks great in every photo. It's nice to have the option of wearing a topper in case of changeable weather and this blazer looks perfect.