I don’t have many skirts in my wardrobe and, inspired by all the fabulous skirts here on the forum, I thought I would get a couple. I know myself though, and I know that I have always preferred pencil or tube skirts and never really worn other shapes - so I bought two knitted tube skirts.
The first one is black with a brown “tuxedo stripe” (is it called that on a skirt?). It was affordable and also on big discount. I paid about 20 Euros for it. It is a mix of viscose and polyester. I don’t have any links as it is from old stock.
The quality feels quite nice. It is by Gerry Weber.
The second one was also on deep discount, but a lot more expensive. It is from Escada, wool, looks like beautiful quality. Also old stock. The pattern is violet with plum, yellow and black.

I tried some outfits with these skirts.
I have almost decided to return both of them, unless you strongly advise to keep them or one of them.
The Escada skirt is beautifully made, I like it a lot, BUT it does not work with so many other items in my wardrobe. Big risk it will become an orphan. Here, I put together a couple of possible outfits, but it is about it….. I want my items to be versatile and work in many combinations.

The Gerry Weber skirt was a little easier to style, but still a lot more work than my usual pants. The outfits are ok I think, but a little too much like the “old me” - don’t feel current … Is it my styling again or is it the fact that pencil skirts are not trending?
The worst part of it all was footwear. Not working with so much of what I have. That goes for both the skirts.
Below are different combinations with different toppers and accessories.

What do you think? Am I right on the return? I must say I am a little tempted by the cheaper one - because it is a great price, might be a good thing to have etc etc. Typical sales goggles…

I will be grateful for honest feedback. If I would keep one of them, or in general, how to style a pencil skirt 2021?

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