On the fence usually means return for me. This is my first time trying a Chaus dress. From Nordstrom. I like the top part - the sleeve, the narrower v. It feels nice on. Hand wash is a bit of a drawback, but doable. It’s an awful lot of print, but I like prints. I was all set to return it. Then my husband, who has pretty much given up giving his opinion, declared he liked the dress on me. It’s no wonder he rarely offers an opinion. When he likes, I return. When he doesn’t, I may keep.

So, thoughts? Also, maybe this is helpful for anyone considering this brand. I like the coverage and modesty of this dress, though I could see this dress hemmed a bit, and I’m tall.

ETA - thank you for the help. I just don’t love it enough to keep. Poor hubby will never give his opinion again. Or maybe he will give a fake out and give me an opposite opinion.