You know the Kork Ease booties I ordered and I was so excited about (Finds 1)?? They arrived today, and they are suede, not smooth leather. Waaah. I really wanted leather. Now when I look them up on the Nordstrom site, the only burgundy shown is suede. I've texted my shoe guy to let him know and to see if a burgundy leather is available at all or not. Or if it might come back in stock. I wonder if Nordstrom just had the image wrong on the website, because both my shoe guy and I definitely saw leather when we ordered it.
Sooo bummed.
They do run true to Kork Ease size. I don't think they look as nice, though, and the heel has a kind of rough finish, not smooth.

UPDATE: I've ordered the burgundy leather booties online this evening, thanks to YLF forum members!

I was reading Beth's post about stalking and scoring, and I decided to check again. I had gotten up early to check the website before I headed to swimming today, and no luck. I had also gone in to work early to stop in at the Nordstrom flagship store and check; again, no luck. So I tried on the Born booties on Angie's top picks list, and ordered those in burgundy. They are also super comfy and very cute on; I decided I didn't have to have the Kork Ease after all; Born is just as comfy if not more so, and I think the Borns look great. But now. . . we'll see if the Mindos and the Borns actually arrive. If they do, I'll have a choice!