I found posts on this topic from five years ago, but nothing helpful. I've been advised to wear compression stockings while flying and when I'm going to be on my feet a lot. I'll be traveling a lot this summer, so I do need some. I bought some Oroblue support knee highs just before my last trip and and while on the trip bought some white compression stockings from the drug store. These were better, but they were very white, stiff and somewhat irritating on my feet. I looked up compression socks on Amazon and there are many. many choices, some in colors, some "nude."

The PA I last saw for vein issues suggested Zensah compression leg sleeves that are available at sports/fitness stores. They come with and without feet. (I've got several new smaller varicose veins coming out--yuck.)

Anyway, after Googling and looking online I feel overwhelmed.

Do any of you who have had to wear them have any good suggestions?

Are the more expensive ones more comfortable--nicer knit--or is it a question of the amount of compression?

Are the more "fashionable" appearing socks just as effective?

Any help will be appreciated.