I'm glad you threw your Mum a bone

Tall boots under wide pants - why not! It works.

Thanks Angie. I make more style concessions for my mum than I do for my DH. But shhhh! Don’t tell!

I think we all make more style concessions for our Mum's than DH's. If it was up to DH I would be dressed like Trinity out of the Matrix.

Ha ha Bijou. And, at the other extreme, my mum would love to see me wearing knee high socks, Mary Janes and a short floral dress. Plus very curly hair.

They both look great- and tall boots under pants is nice and warm!

Mothers can have that effect on us. Especially stylish Mums like yours!

Stylish, as always!

What's wrong with wearing tall boots under wide pants? I have done so quite often, ever since the '70s. The result is often a sleek look, and people won't know (and most probably won't even wonder) whether you are wearing an ankle boot, a shootie or whatever. In my cold winters, the added warmth that tall boots provide is a bonus.

The Cat and ST, yes, nothing wrong with being toasty warm. And I was too! Thanks for your comments.

Angie, she is stylish! I will tell her you said so Most of the time she likes what I wear but she’s not afraid to speak up when she doesn’t!