Not usually a huge fan of H&M, but they often step up to the plate for the designer collaborations. Their Kenzo collection is full of maximal goodness - many things I'd love to have but can't justify, like the reversible down jacket (ok, maybe not with that massive logo) or the embellished knitwear.

However, I've had to ditch a pair of woolly pants lately so I'm pondering joining the queue on Thursday morning to grab a pair of pink winter pyjamas.

Anyone else stalking anything?

ETA: Dropped by the shop this evening on my way home and grabbed the very last pair. The label says S but there's nothing small about these pants. They run large and long, a fine fit for my US 8-10 bum and brushing the floor on a 32" leg. The jacquard knit is gorgeous: thick, soft and cozy. Bowie-fabulous with a heel and trophy blazer, fully awesome with a fancy sweatshirt and kawaii sneakers that scream I've been to Harajuku and can't adult.

Haven't cut tags yet but a keeper for sure. Expect WIW's.