I've spent most of the weekend doing some "heavy" cleaning : in addition to the usual tasks, the fridge and stove got pulled out, baseboards and floors cleaned, cupboards wiped down and on and on. I am in an insane state of wanting to lock the door, run away, and start all over again in a fresh house. I've become obsessed with baseboards and why mine look so gross, I'm down on my hands and knees with a q-tip trying to get the bathroom floor in pristine shape, wiping off food splatters I didn't know existed at ankle level on the fridge door , etc, and PUTTING STUFF AWAY, which seems to be a full-time job. Running a business from home is one reason my house always feels mildy disorganized at the best of times, but my wardrobe and personal stuff is the worst to manage. I don't live in a massive new home , but nor is it small. Just old. Some questions I have for you :

1. purses, totes : where you keep them and how do you store them?
2. winter boots/other footwear : where and how do you store them?
3. scarves/mitts/hats etc - where and how do you store them?
4. jewellery - where the heck do you put it all and how do you store it?
5. jeans/sweats/sweaters : where do you put them when you've run out of closet and drawer space? They seem to take up so much room.
6. and your baseboards - how do you keep painted wood baseboards and trim looking good and clean??? Agh.

In all seriousness, I'm keen on learning how other women manage their personal wardrobe and other things they own - and keep it all tidy, accessible, and organized when space is not unlimited. Any stories, ideas, tips etc are all welcome!