I have been re-reading a lot of the posts here and someone mentioned creating outfits, taking photos, and storing them on line.

I tried a slightly different approach many years ago.

I took photos of all the tops /blouses I liked and that fitted well: did the same with trousers, dresses and skirts. Then added shoes and accessories. Altogether I had six sections.

I had a colour printer at that time and printed off image of all these. The tops I stapled together ; and did the same with all the other categories.
Then I stapled all these to a long piece of cardboard.

In this way I was able to flick through tops and see what each looked like with a different skirt or pair of trousers and different accessories.

Thinking about it now I must have been mad, or had too much time on my hands but at the time I enjoyed the task and it really helped when I wanted to create an outfit.(That's how I got my promotion(s)!)