Hi all, I've started the process of switching to warm weather clothes, which  I do in two stages. My warm weather clothes are too plentiful, and one area I’m focusing on is skirts since they don’t all get worn.

I love fit and flare skirts but find them tough to wear sometimes because of my very short waist. I've used a tucked in top with all of these so you can see where the waist hits me, but that may not be how I always style them. I'd like to pass on at least 1-2 of these 3.

I have tops that will go with these skirts, but they are mostly all still in storage so I didn’t try to style each one individually. None of these would be an orphan. It’s just that I used to shop for fantasy life where I was living in eternal summer, so I have more than I can wear!

As of now, I want to pass on #1-2. It’s too tight, even though it zips up. It's a shame because I LOVE the print, but I was foolish about what size I bought.

I am on the fence about #3-4 and #4-5 (especially this one; seems less great than another navy one I own)

ETA - I took out the good examples I originally included. I think they may actually cloud things because it’s so hard for me to get flattering pictures of midi length skirts in that mirror since I can’t back up, and both of those looked too long in the pictures. They look better IRL. I will try to style them and post about them separately later with better pics.

What do you all think?

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