Glad you're keeping the dress. I would keep it fluid as is to wear casually.

I found the car coat's sleeves a little short. And no good if it's scratchy unless you like wearing a scarf every time you wear it.

I think I would like the tunic more if the fabric had slightly more body.

The dress works really well with flats and would do so with sneakers. The other two will be great finds for someone else!

Great - the tunic has probably had only 10-12 wears (I don’t track) but I guess we all make mistakes.......

It must be quite difficult when things are made by your friend to be quite as picky. My best friend who is often a shopping buddy as well ( less so now that I am trying to buy less) donated me a top and was so excited it fit me that I feel obliged to keep it and have worn it only twice in 3 years...

Haven’t read the other comments, but the dress looks fab with flats (are those your Rollies?) and I think it would work with sneakers as well. Wear it lots this summer. I think you can let the other two go.

I’m late to this, but before I even looked at the feedback, I agreed — keep the dress, the other two can go. Good job!

Definitely agree that dress is stunning on you!

It has been super helpful - thanks all.

My parents are moving after 50 years in the family home and farm at the moment so the coat and tunic will be going to the thrift shop with some of their things - it is a big job!!

I was a bit negative about the dress when I bought it as I did feel harassed into buying it, it is not a "trendy"style and the number on the label is a size bigger than I usually am......

These are ridiculous reasons for not liking it - sheath style dresses do suit me, and it is a very pretty and useful dress...... I actually don't want to look trendy, and the size reason is ridiculous. If it was more fitting I would have less places to wear it.....

And yes Jenn - these are my Rollies. I have worn them a lot. For me they are perfect spring and autumn shoes or for cooler summer days. I took them to Italy and they coped well. I do love them but I would add the following:
- they can get smelly....I have to wash regularly. I sometimes wear low socks.
- the white sole is showing signs of wear. This does not worry me but it might some people. I think I could resole them at some point.

I think they could suit a LA climate.....

I was strongly considering a second pair but got some white Diadora sneakers in Italy....

KEEP THE DRESS! (or send it to me!)

I think the dress is great for your style. I also like the coat but don’t think it fits the style parameters.


I'm with the others!

Keep dress and style with white low mules!:-)

I’m glad the dress is staying; it looks wonderful on you! I would never have guess that it was thrifted.

I have to also comment how much I like your silver shoes.

Haha - I have kept the dress!! As I have a few friends turning 50 over the next couple of years I can imagine it could be good for lunches.....and the many casual bbq we go too.

I am looking forward to wearing it now which is great because I was feeling a bit off it!!