On the subject of Almost Perfect Purchase...

I have bought my almost dream boots. Beautiful black leather, elegant toe shape, interesting zipper detail AND tall enough for me.

'Almost' because they fit very snuggly around my calves and I am not sure if that's deal breaker.

The boots have elasticated inset at the back (which I suppose is there precisely for border cases like mine, it allows for tight fit), except that in my case this basically stretches as much as it possibly can to allow me to zip them up when I tuck the jeans in. I can feel the boots a lot tighter than any other pair I have. Btw, I need primarily boots for jeans.

The boots do come in wider fit, but not through the seller I bought them from and where they had somehow been attractively priced. All other sites sell them for much higher price than I paid. Returning the pair I now have, and then reordering from elsewhere would throw me outside my budget. So, it's either keeping them, or returning and then waiting for something else.

Funnily, I've only ever had leather boots without the elasticated insets, so I have no idea how this material will behave over time.

I'd greatly appreciate some insight into how to make the final decision.

The boots are here.