Hi all, thank you SO much for taking the time to feed back and give me your honest thoughts. I waffled back and forth a bit, but in the end I think I WILL keep this coat because it is a HEWI for me and I think it will be a workhorse for all of the reasons I mentioned above.

Interesting that some of you commented that you liked the Belted version better - I was trying to give it some proportion with the belt, but I agree it looks odd on a military cut coat and also, realistically, I will likely not wear it that way since I’ll be wearing it on top of leather jackets and blazers.

I will wear it with heels and will likely still need the right support act - structured bag, appropriate hat and gloves - but I’m excited to wear it next winter! It will be a welcome break from my long black puffer!

Yayyy, solution!

As for wearing it with heels, will that still be practical in the snow (I'm guessing you want to continue to wear this coat then, based on the inner layers)? Tucking your trousers into knee-high boots might also work, if you're looking for the 'leg lengthening' effect.

It looks even better now, I was a yes, now I am a definite yes. I also like it belted, a versatile piece and very different from your other coats.

Outstanding! I do prefer it belted as it gives more proportion to my eye, beyond a wall of neutral. But the other way is likely more user friendly and won’t need you to fuss about what to do with the belt when you take off the coat.

There are a few Harris wharf london coats on the real real if you shop vintage online. Including a couple of cocoon coats in a yummy red and juicy but subtle purple.

I really like the second coat, fab choice!