I dunno, the more I see this coat, the more I like it on you, minus the dread pic #1 :D. Doesn't look too long, either. Like that the pockets are slanted to point toward your waist.

Would like to see it styled with boots you will wear it. Think is a great piece- a little overwhelming on youre frame at the moment- I mean once we try to imagine your winters in the background- and the layers underneath -think this can be the right piece for keeping you warm and covered -also what bag, if any-will a shoulder strap for ex. have enough grip on it?

I seem to be alone in this but I adore the retro vibe of this outfit and I think it suits the 'luxe' part of your style very well.
I have been watching coats in historical tv-shows though and they're often bigger and more overwhelming than modern day coats. Probably improvements in the production process and fabric blends.

If I had to deal with your temperatures that you get in winter, I would buy a big coat like this too. It does look big. A single breasted coat would look more streamlined, but they are less warm, the double layer of fabric on the chest is a feature I would want when dealing with very cold weather. To me, this seems like a good compromise between being just flattering enough and practical. It is a lovely coat and great colour on you, but it also looks big.

To my eye... it looks a little too big, starting at the armholes, and traveling downward. And a little too long. Taking it in would probably be expensive, but raising the hem just a little, might not.

But when you describe what you want it for - being able to layer it over jackets - it seems ideal.

I'm joining the group here: I would love to see this styled - scarves, boots, and whatever jackets you would layer under it.

I hear you on all fronts. I've only read half the comments, but basically -- I understand your needs (long, layer-able, warm) and desires (yummy fabric!!) and also the reservations about this coat.

It can be SOOOO hard to find a dress coat that works for Canadian winters.

I still don't have one, myself. Now I'm in a climate where it is less important, and I more or less decided that when I do get a really long coat it will be a puffer, because, well, it will be easier and more lightweight.

Having said that -- I would love to see you style this one and layer it with what you would be wearing. It can be so important. Boots, hat, the works. Tryons without styling can be so deceiving.

Do you really need a coat that long? My experience with long winter coats (for the worst of winter days going to work) is that they aren’t as great as I imagine,they might be. They get twisted and wrapped around legs while walking, and it can be hard getting over a snow bank. Even though they don’t sweep the ground, the hem gets dirty and is more likely to get splashed with slush, or pick up dirt in the back from taking urban transportation (or even a car) and the back coming into contact with the floor. Something that is long enough to cover the tops of boots and just a couple of inches longer works best for mobility. It covers skirts and keeps knees warm if wearing a skirt or dress. The leather of boots (with tights of wool socks under) will keep feet and legs warm.

I’ve had long oversized wool blend dress coats, a long puffer, and a long trench coat with a removable under layer, and in the end passed them on before worn out due to their unwieldy inconvenience.

The right winter coat is out there, but (beautiful as this one is) I don’t think it’s the one.

Carla raises good points -- the one truly long winter dress coat I ever owned got very messed up at the hem in Toronto -- I was on the transit and walking all the time. Still, a coat that actually covers a midi and keeps your legs warm is such a gift. How about a dressier looking puffer instead?

I collected in red but it comes in a nice taupe, too.

I was wondering about this need for a full length coat too . It’s usually colder here than it is in Toronto , and I haven’t owned a full length coat in decades . All of the reasons Carla listed made me laugh remembering those days

I do have a midi wool coat but don’t wear it for warmth I run cold, so I mostly wear it in milder temperatures.The only coat that in warm enough for me in Toronto in February is a thick puffer. But I take transit and walk. If one drives everywhere, then it doesn’t really matter. As far as oversized midi coats go, this one is not bad, maybe just a tad too long.
Needs to be styled to get an accurate assessment.

Suz, I was eyeing this puffer but it looks a bit too long. Was unable to get to a store in short 3 weeks we had stores open here since November. I wonder if anyone tried it IRL.

Like Vildy, this coat looks big to me in some pics (the first ones) and good in others (the latter ones). I feel a need for more pics. Also: I live in Sunny California and like an ankle length coat because I just hate drafts and cold knees, so to me a long coat seems a must...

Roxanna, not sure if you've decided yet, but my initial thought was to agree it a bit too big, but then read your points about layering over jackets, etc. for work and I totally get what you are saying. I feel like maybe a black scarf (especially with the end hanging long), boots and bag might break up the boxiness, so maybe play around with that sort of styling. I also think that January means function trumps form, so if it's functionally perfect, then I think it's totally legitimate to compromise on what would be 'ideal' form-wise. Fwiw! x

Thanks all for this - SO helpful! I actually do need a long, light dressy, warm, coat (a HEWI if there ever was one!) I like my coats long because I don't wear thermals under my pants (too uncomfortable.) I have a long puffer but it is too gear-ish and I want something appropriate for work.

I have a variety of dressy wool coats (cocoon, overcoat etc) as well as a dressy puffer, but they are all knee length and I want something longer. (see finds and photo below.)

I just added style photos - hopefully these help!

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Wow! What an incredible difference some small heels and a better view will make :)!! I think it looks fab on you, and it seems to perfectly fit into your wardrobe and fill a key hole. Now I am seeing what you were seeing when you brought it home. Will you have the sleeves shortened?

FWIW, I was just looking at Vogue.com street style pics from recent runway shows around the globe, and below-the-knee coats are really having a moment!

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I have a great olive teddy bear coat from Zara from a couple of years ago, and it really fit me like this one fits you. This year, I hacked it to knee length and it was MUCH more wearable and still really warm, even in windy Portland. Still big enough to layer under, but it looked much better on my frame. I'm not sure what this means for you (LOL!) but maybe really think about the length.

I think it's a keeper! The more recent photos show it from a better angle, and it looks beautiful on you. I don't think you need the belt, though it is a nice option.

Roxanna, I love it! Now with the proper styling with winter items it looks great! I like more without a belt but it is good to have options. My vote is to keep, absolutely!

Oh my gosh, between the boots and the camera angle, it's a whole different coat! Looks great.

Total gorgeousness when styled as you would wear it in cold weather. Looks perfect. Plus you love it; I’d say keep!
I would be careful of the slushy days. I do remember the splatters of dirty slush.

Great look with belt and boots - keep! Fab all together with winter accessories!

Now that you've filled out the coat with the right underneath layers and grounded the outfit with heeled footwear - A LOT BETTER

@Angie - by 'A lot better' do you mean it still does not look quite right to you? what elements are off to your eye?

I agree it’s a lot better styled properly . I can see how you would wear it and like it .

Roxanna, adding heels "shortens" the length of the coat, which makes a big visual difference. After all, the length is one of the fit variables that swamps you. If you don't wear heels - and these are high to my eye - will you like the proportions? Or maybe you will always wear heels with this coat - and that's okay! It works very well with the layers and heels.

I don't wear heels at all, so I'm asking these questions from that point of view......just in case you want to throw in other footwear ....but when it's blasted arctic in Canada - who cares! STAY WARM. I'd be permanently cocooned in a heated sleeping bag....

Thank you all! Moral of the story - I am never allowed to take pics by myself again

@Angie - I hear you, and it's a very good point - I have said that I'll be leaving heels behind from now on! But I think the exception are my boots, which I wear with full length pants for most of the winter. Those are the boots i a m wearing here, and I have similar height ones that I wear with different coloured pants, and that I will wear with this coat.

I often don't wear flats in winter because i don't like the way they look with my dress pants, and I can't have my hems dragging on that winter salt. But if I do occasionally, I'm at peace with it being JFE. I might also occasionally button up the collar all the way up to the top if it is really cold - that also won't be as flattering, but needs must here in Toronto! I appreciate the other Torontonians (Irina, Helena, Carla - Toronto adjacent) for adding their thoughts too

Roxanna, if you wear full length wool pants in winter, heeled boots is a way to go. I don’t and had all my warm pants cropped, so they will not get dirty. We have to keep in mind means of transportation- you are planning to wear the coat when you drive and it will be perfect. You have other coats suitable for walking in flat boots

See, now, I KNEW the styling would make the difference. Totally does it. Seems like it's a winner.

Irina, I haven't seen the duvet coat in person, alas...

Yep, the styling makes it a winner in my book!!

Yup! Glad I look again because styling makes all the difference + Jonesy's pics are great. So you are keeping right?

Well I voted Nay on the first set of pics without commenting, but with these new pics- and I very much prefer without belt- I would vote yay. I do feel the heels are high that you’re wearing. I still have a few heeled boots but hardly wear them due to lack of all day comfort. If they’re comfy for you, yay!