I purchased some peep toe booties to wear with pencil skirts and ankle pants for my business casual environment. I love how a bootie updates an otherwise very classic look in the winter so I thought I would try the same trick for summer wear.

I love these booties because the color is close to my skin tone, the leather is perforated and super soft and the heel is slightly over two inches which is very manageable for me. They are very comfortable.

I'm not sure about the side view though. They look good from the front and back but there is ankle gape visible from the side view. Not sure if this looks bad or not. Also, I'm not sure I'll be able to find peep toe booties that are an exact fit with my skinny ankles. Which doesn't mean I should keep them, just that I might not be able to do this kind of shoe.

There are so many fit experts on YLF, I'm curious what you all think.

Thanks in advance!

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