I’ve mentioned here several times that it’s especially difficult for me to make Keep/Pass On decisions about items which are still in good condition and fit well but for some reason I’ve become lukewarm about. Here is an example of just such an item.

I bought this Banana Republic blouse in 2015. For the first couple years, I adored it and wore it every chance I could—casually with jeans, and for work with dress pants and skirts. Maybe I wore it too much and got tired of it because this past winter, I was “off” it. I only wore it once or twice and didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as I used to. I have some newer blouses which I tended to reach for instead.

It still fits well and is in excellent condition.

I’d be interested in knowing what other Fabbers think. Should I try it again next fall? Or is it time to pass it on?