So I was about to toss these wide- leg pants based on joy factor. I did wear them last year but had 2 comfort issues: one was comfort ZONE -- nothing like them on my environmental horizon. They are pretty wide and drapery.
Second was more legit-- they are a tad short in stride for ideal fit though they do work with tucking and a belt. And I have them hemmed to my highest boot heel, for leg line.

NOW with all the wide legs out there, I'm having second thoughts. These are not high quality fabric, but, they are here and god with color palette, and I don't have a lot of time and energy for new pants trials, which are so hit and miss.
So maybe should do pull them out of the sack and do some outfit creation because I would have instant fitter- over- wide options!
Have you been drawn back to your discard bin thinking you were too hasty?