I actually might be able to do this. I just arrived in Florida and I haven't unpacked. I definitely have lots of olive and cream.

Ooh, I'd love a challenge right now, but I am mostly into neutrals for the moment. Looking forward to seeing all your creations!

I could only participate if I wore nothing but a handbag or a coat. Otherwise, dark neutrals are my whole wardrobe.

Something for me to work on, no doubt.

I am SOOOO looking forward to this challenge!

Donna F and Joy are already on a roll in their fabulous outfits.

Thanks Suz! We had a blast. I guess ice skating is the kind of winter thing you've had enough of.

More love for Donna F, and Joy’s outfits and sporty FashIntern!

Donna F., what sensational crisp outfit. Love your silver clogs.
Joy, super elegant as usual.
FashIntern, your pics make me want to go ice skating again, have not been for ages and ages. So fun!

I wish, but can’t participate. My work wardrobe is soo boring. Only one pair of pants that are not dark neutrals, so I can do maybe one outfit?

Hah, I was going to gripe that pants are my sticking point, but now I see that plaid bottoms, denim, and olive are all fair game! That's the majority of what I've been wearing on my legs anyway.

Hmm, not sure. Have been wearing my black and navy cropped pants a lot. Might be able to do some outfits in summer but not a whole week.
Does this start on Monday? And if so should it be my Monday which is your Sunday, or my Tuesday which is your Monday?

Glad there are quite a few on board for the Colour Challenge! Everyone posts outfits individuals - NOT grouped undergone single thread. When you post your outfit, use the header: WIW CC Day X (X being 1 or 2 or 3, etc. On Thursday the 14th it can just be WIW Valentines Day). If you take a photo and bundle them, use WIW CC Days X, Y, Z. This should make the Colour Challenge threads stand out for YLF's who wish to follow.

Clear as mud?

Jenni - your Monday would be great! And don't forget something in shades of red for Valentines. I know you can do it!

Anchie, can you get away with the same pair of pants twice in a week if the outfits are different enough? Hearing you say your wardrobe is boring blows me away, just like hearing Katherine say that about hers.

Runcarla, no offense, but I'm going to group mine--either the whole week together, or a couple groups. I don't want to overflow the forum.

Jenni, looking forward to you kicking this off in style! No pressure or anything, lol.

Katerina, yes, go skate! It makes winter feel so much better.

So after Wednesday I will be skiing at Lake Louise. Is it OK if I include today's outfit (chosen with this challenge in mind) and even a couple from the past week that fit? Because honestly, Angie's outfits of the day with the black pants really are my winter default and I am not bored with them yet.

Yikes, I could only put one or two winter outfits together, without using solid black, navy, or grey! I’ll watch with interest from the sidelines.

And maybe I need to consider adding more not-neutral color to my winter wardrobe.