I second what Suz said. I feel like my style is shifting, and I will be needing to do a huge cull at the end of the year.

I filled in some summer holes (although I see I need more shirts or need to do more laundry!), but this fall I really need to bulk things up. I have some big-ticket items on my list (a couple pairs of boots to replace ones that were worn out and purged), and I am looking forward to seeing what is out there for fall.

Wow Marley, I bow down in awe. Some fantastic purchases there... and a couple of tops I'm glad I didn't see before No Buy July!

I second what Suz said - if you have time/interest, I'd love to see a post on your purging. Purging is something I really really struggle with.

I made it through June (whew, it was close) but there is no way I'm not shopping in July too. My sights are set on replacement footwear and of course I want to shop NAS for fall items.

As long as one is at least swapping items, or even better if purging more than what was purchased, new items isn't so bad.

Has this been a great season for clothing choice or what?

I'm not on any purchase restrictions other than my usual budget, but I've seen a wealth of lovely things available.

May I confess, even though I didn't promise to abstain from shopping in June? I'd planned to only shop for black ankle pants and save the rest of my June budget for NAS.

BUT. . . not only did I buy eight items (that's one every 3.75 days), but I'm not even one bit remorseful. Au contraire, I'm gleeful, because I filled some major S/S wardrobe holes and am able to create a couple dozen new outfits with my recent purchases! Here's the detailed accounting of the month's purchases:

Land's End dress (filled summer work dress hole)

Silk tunic shirt (thrifted; filled wardrobe hole)

Olivia Moon black tank top (filled wardrobe hole)

Forever 21 sleeveless top (garage sale; new with tags)

Eci white peplum shirt (filled wardrobe hole)

Gap white linen pants (filled huge, long-term hole)

Dana Buchman black ankle pants (filled huge, long-term hole)

White earrings, hand-made In Ghana (wardrobe hole)

For my penance, I will wear and enjoy each item many times!