April, you MUST post more often. This is such a fun and fabulous outfit and so are you. I love the fall risk headband and look forward to your Coachella one too.

Bijou, in early June I will visit the imaging facility that never fails to provide a fresh orange bracelet so stay tuned. A little hot glue, a few paper flowers...

It will be spectacular! I am on the lookout for a headband now.

April, you look so cool, someone just needs to hand you an electric guitar to complete the outfit!

The sweatband idea is inspired, and that Supreme sweatshirt is so you <3 <3 <3

I agree with MaryBeth about the rock star looks. Idk how old your son is, but you clearly give him an excellent example of how to take one on the chin & not let it get you down. The fact that he is able to laugh with you at this twist, in the midst of something much tougher to deal with, is just outstanding. I’d like to be able to be so strong for my son.

As everyone else has said, this look just oozes cool. And it sounds like you and your son have a wonderful relationship and shared sense of humor.

I will say that with both Mr. April and Little Mr. April (who is 24, FI), I am very fortunate indeed.

And dear little Bodie, of course, though his tendency to growl at or try to bite anyone who isn't me is not so fortunate.

This is wonderful! Your son is so thoughtful. I love the 70s vibe from the headband.

Oh ... I LOVE THIS !!!!!!