Sal's challenge rules:

  • 10 pieces must be worn 3 times (in different ways) each over 30 days.
  • Allowed to add different items to support these and can have days off from all items.
  • Will post pictures of my daily efforts, each Saturday until the end of the challenge.

This challenge is a good one for me because it will get me wearing some new items and also some that I am a bit iffy about. Also, I am hoping that you can help me with styling suggestions.

My 10 pieces

Top of the list - pink velvet jacket and pants - this was my wildcard purchase for winter. Now I work from home, I can buy fun suits. However, I LOVE this so much, I am a bit fearful of it getting dirty or stained...not the right attitude. Must start wearing this ASAP and the pieces separately - looking forward to wearing this out to dinner with a close girlfriend on Thursday. The challenge will be finding occasions worthy of this suit's Austin Powers Fabness, it will be easier to style each piece separately.

Knits - my new to me cardigan bought second hand. I am not really a cardigan type of person, but found this cardigan and thought it would be useful for my work from home lifestyle. I expect that it will be reasonably easy to wear and style. This piece is the reality of my life, the pink suit is my desired life.

Red and black snakeskin boots. New - I have a very old pair of red boots but whilst they are beautiful, rarely worn because the heel is higher than what I wear for all day shoes, this height is perfect. Don't expect this one to be tricky.

Red dress - this was almost edited out of my wardrobe because I fear it is too boho for my style. I want the forum's feedback on this dress. I don't think this will be hard to style but I may not feel fab wearing it.

Red cape - reversible - checked one side and so happy that I picked this item because I get variety from it and LOVE this cape - too easy!

Long cream skirt - purchased and still unworn - but expect that this will not be too much of a challenge.

Checked shirt - LOVE wearing this with its matching blazer, but may need to think about how to style it differently.

Heart scarf - that needs to be worn more. I am just not wearing this bigger scarf much. It is perfect for winter as it is a silk cashmere mix and the colours are fab. Don't think this will be difficult, I just need to get it out and wear it.

Pleated skirt - I love the fabric and colours especially the tiger stripes at the bottom of the skirt, but feel that the pleats are not doing me any favours and visually add bulk. A challenging piece that was bought on sale - so the terrible case of 'sales goggles' applied. Tricky! Will need the forum's help with this one.