Just popping in to post the recent additions to my wardrobe.

My style moniker continues to be "Softly Utilitarian," and I have picked up a few pieces this month for the new WFH/(almost-)everything-from-home reality. With temps climbing, that means some softly structured lightweight pieces for casual-, lounge-, and sleepwear. Adding new pieces continues to bring interest and pleasure in an otherwise difficult time.

The wide-leg chinos are the most noteworthy piece in here: they have slotted into my wardrobe really nicely, and are a great change from my all-dark-skinnies-all-the-time look. (In practice, they are a little less buttoned-up than in the model photo and remind me of the silhouettes favoured by LaPed and Style Fan.)

Added a couple of new pieces of jewellery too for fun. The antique turquoise ring is a special splurge for my birthday, which is right around the corner.

One thing I've uncovered so far this year, in addition to my style moniker, is my *actual* bra size! So that's a big win. If anyone has recommendations for wireless bralettes that fit a 32D well, please let me know!