Seven months, seven wardrobe purchases (see finds) so far this year. Some things I've been thinking about...

1. No bottoms. So far this year, my purchases have consisted of two tops, two dresses, two accessories, and one pair of shoes. It hasn't been for a lack of trying to find pants--I'm just finding them super-difficult to buy online. (I'm in a location where case numbers are high and, though some retail locations are open, public health officials are still telling us to avoid non-essential outings. Don't even get me started on how dumb these mixed messages are.) 

I really need pants, though! I patched my favorite cropped jeans after they wore through at the thigh and managed to get about ten more wears out of them, but the patches didn't hold. I ended up retiring them with 82 wears. I've been exploring other options (the old style is no longer available), but no luck yet. Still no luck on the olive utility pants I talked about last month, either.

The loss of those two essential bottoms has really impacted my wardrobe's functionality, but I haven't really been... willing, I guess, to make the heroic effort it would take to replace them quickly. I never go anywhere other than the grocery store and the beach, so I'm kind of okay (not thrilled, but okay) just wearing the same dresses over and over until the weather or the situation changes. 

2. New arrivals. Two anticipated slow fashion purchases came through this month. I love both my new Jamie + the Jones woven tee, and my Elizabeth Suzann linen dress. The tee will get more wear this fall and winter, but the dress has been perfect for this week, especially since, at 103°F, yesterday was the hottest day we've had all year. (Photo 1 is  me wearing the J+J top with gear capris on the beach. I know it isn't the greatest, but it's real life, and I forgot to take try-on pics when it first arrived). Both these items will count in my 5PF for the year, which brings me to 3/10 non-essential, non-accessory purchases.

As an aside, I'd really like to limit my shopping to discrete windows each year, but I haven't quite figured out how to do that, especially with having to do online shopping right now and waiting through order/return cycles. Is it even possible?

3. Shoes. I was originally going to get a second new pair of sandals this summer, but I've backed off of that because, again, not going anywhere except the grocery store and the beach. I'm literally only wearing shoes for a few hours each week for walks, picking up the occasional takeout, and essential errands. There's no need for another new pair of sandals, and the Miz Mooz pair will fill the "essentials" spot for now.


This feels like a weird, low-key wardrobe update, and I guess it is, but it's August now which is Birthday Month! I'll do my big "state of the wardrobe" count this month, and maybe try to find some way to treat myself. 

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